Our restaurant is an immersion in the scents and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. In an atmosphere particularly full of attentions, our chef is ready to delight you reworking wisely and in an original way the tradition and taste of Sardinian cuisine and its products. In the kitchen are used only season vegetables and fruit as well as the catch of the day and meat from local producers carefully selected. On the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, you can satisfy your senses lulled in the breath of nature. It's always a pleasure awaking at the Cala Lunga: a day starts with the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes, jams, yogurt, fruit juices, cheese and salamis from local farms.


The perfect place for sipping a drink while looking out onto the sea. On an enchanting natural terrace, it is close to our pools and the beaches and offers a beautiful view of the archipelago.


The terrace of Myrtle, a few steps from the sea is the ideal place for a quick meal and lunch with Sardinian specialties. Every day you will be spoiled for choice between meat and fish grilled seasonal vegetables, salads and classic of Mediterranean cuisine, not to mention delicious desserts. The evening happy hour at the bar is a classic for hotel guests Cala Lunga. The atmosphere is crisp, the sky turns red and the air we breathe is magical accompanied by the notes of a music lounge can sip cocktails.